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20 best classic horror movie poster design

November 16, 2009

When I was a kid I used to love looking at all the horror movie covers in the video rental store. Cause one of the most popular genres is horror,hehe.. and horror seems to generates the most imaginative of posters. Below you will see 20 amazing examples of the various types of horror movie posters.

Flesh For Frankenstein

House on Haunted Hill

Tales of Terror

Dead Snow


Holocaust to Canibal



Tomb of Ligeia

Silent madness



Scream and Scream Again

Beast of Blood





The evil of Frankenstein

The evil dead

Well Medicated
Design Reviver

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One Comment
  1. Maap… saya selalu ngeri jika lihat film horor… gak berani lihat gambar-gambarnya…🙂

    Selamat ngeblog… saya orang asli kudus jateng. Salam kenal.

    Mungkin artikel saya ini bisa membantu jenengan :
    Tips : Kenapa “Blogger Pemula” batal menjadi Blogger?

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